Material Handling Equipment

HIAB invented the world's first hydraulic truck mounted cranes and since its introduction in Canada in 1954, HIAB has been Canada's most popular articulated truck crane. The reason is simple - HIAB truck cranes are engineered and built better to work harder and last longer.

The Moffett Mounty is Canada's #1 choice for a portable truck or trailer mounted piggyback forklift. Moffett Mounty forklifts are well recognized for their work across the country delivering product under the toughest of conditions.

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Multilift Hooklift systems are well suited for many Canadian construction, landscape and recycling applications because the operator can use one truck and the Multilift to transport, haul and dump a large selection of bodies. With the Multilift it is possible to turn one truck into a multipurpose fleet.

Polar Remotes are remote control devices that allow the user to control a HIAB crane without having to physically use the controls within the confines of the truck. They can improve job efficiency simply because they allow the user to multitask and move the crane from any location within the job site.

The Mixveyor is a movable conveyor belt that attaches to a cement mixer in order to transport the cement from 30-50 feet away. This is very effective in construction because there are certain laws that prohibit a construction truck to be within a certain distance of a hole for fear of collapse. The Mixveyor allows the individual to use one truck, as opposed to a cement truck and a cement pumping truck. It is also a more efficient way of transporting cement than a wheelbarrow.

The Cleasby conveyor is a truck-mounted conveyor belt that is on a boom. The boom is then raised to the location in question and the conveyor belt pulls the products from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’.

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